Go to Hell Update #1 and Hello to itch.io

Hello itch.io! I am pretty much brand new to this site and am excited to see what I can do on here!

I just created my first page for the game I am currently making and hope that it can be something amazing in the future. For Go to Hell, I am using Unity3D and have got a lot of the basic gameplay things and templates done so far: basic menu, shooting, damage, movement, some AI, some art design, plans for future stuff, checkpoint system, etc.

This isn't my first game or programming experience, but it's the first time I'm putting something on itch.io and the first time I'm going to really try and promote and get serious about others playing something I've created. This is the second time I've extensively used Unity and all I can say is thank you to Brackeys on YouTube. He is incredible, and I wouldn't have been to do any programming without him and his tutorials.

I have a lot of future plans for what I want to do with Go to Hell, which are written on the game's post. However, the things I am most interested in doing is creating a good story, having fast and constant gameplay, a skill tree/upgrade system, and lots of unique enemies. I plan on there being lots of progression.

I guess I can say this project was kind of inspired by the idea of DOOM and other fast paced action shooters. If you're interested in what I do with this in the future, please stay tuned. Also, I'm always open to advice, help, constructive criticism, etc. The only way to fix problems is to hear the truth.

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