Update #2


I've implemented a few more guns and have created a few more enemies.
I've gotten a dynamic lighting system down pretty well, and also a Bloom effect going, and it looks pretty cool.
I've revamped the spawning system and made it work better with the EnemyAI, which I've spent a lot of time on recently.

The pictures are just dev shots and obviously don't reflect the end product at all.

Honestly, I can't say that I did too, too much, but in reality, it's been a lot. I've learned so much more about lighting/designing looks and everything like that. Also working with AI has been pretty cool.  I've gotten a lot of audio chosen/picked out and researched, and I just have to say that I really, really hate working with Audio in Unity. I had this feeling of disdain towards it before, but my God, I probably spent most of today on it, and I still have a lot more sounds to find and get to work. I'm really burnt out, but I'm really liking where this game is heading, and there's some other things I want to say.

I've decided that I want to make this game paid in the end. I watched a pretty good video about someone who worked in F2P games, and there's a lot of truth in what she says. Also, I'm putting a lot of work into this, and I feel like I shouldn't give this away for free. There will be a demo for gameplay that I will be updating, but my future plans are to eventually make a full release that's paid.

I'm quite close to a demo release. I have to do a little more designing and audio finding, but I'm almost there for a  super early version demo. of the game, which I'm pretty excited for. I've been planning out the story more, and I'm interested in learning how to use Fungus to its full potential so that I can create an epic, deep, meaningful, and at the same time, absurd story about going to hell.

Get Go to Hell - Prototype Build

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