Update #3 Woes

Yesterday, I planned on not coding at all (or coding very little) and just gathering sound resources and implementing those. I did that for about an hour or two, and I started laying out Level 1... which then exposed a flaw in the way the bullets shot out of the gun... So, I spent hours rewriting that my way and making it perfect. My philosophy is that if you're making a shooter, shooting better look and feel perfect, so that took a long time to get right because I kept running into minor issues over and over again.

Later that night, I was testing more stuff with sounds, and I started having trouble with sounds again. I decided to just get on with it and scrap the current sound system and restart. I followed a tutorial on YouTube and made sound work that way. However, it had similar problems, and I also didn't really like the way it worked. I ended up making the sound work my way. It works, and honestly I 100% understand everything about how and why it works, which I appreciate a lot.

Created a little flame that will "burn" the player when they are touching it. I laid out some level design stuff. Next thing for me to do is to add simple scene transitions and to add a credits page. Then, I'll be able to release a prototype build. I will probably put the download on MediaFire and link it on the main page. itch only lets you release a demo if you have a price set, and I don't want anyone paying for this when it's basically not even a game right now.

Get Go to Hell - Prototype Build

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