Update #4 Gameplay Demo released!

Wow! I have basically non-stop worked on this game recently, and I'm so excited for just releasing something this simplistic. I have got a lot of stuff done for the final setup and have finally got a demo (more of a prototype really) out there. It's here on MediaFire. I don't want to give people an option to pay for it on itch.io since the paid and demo version would literally just be the same thing.

I have finally added images and also created a YouTube video... you can see how great my production skills are...

Not much has changed in the actual game itself. I redid the checkpoint system so that it works... it was actually broken the way I was doing it before, but I didn't know since I only had 2 checkpoints in the level. I have had some basic feedback from my brother and the game is kind of easy until the end if when you use the best gun so far (the carbine) the entire time... which I guess it's supposed to be? I didn't think about difficulty when making this, but it is supposed to get harder the further along you go in the game.

I've made the ghost faster and did some other small things. Also, after playing it a bunch, I've made the decision that pistols are boring as hell, so, when you GO TO HELL, KILL EVERYTHING WITH AUTOMATIC GUNS!!!!!!

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