Update #5 V0.2 Coming Soon

So, I have a massive update and have added a lot. I was planning on trying to get the update out Friday, but I'm not too sure that will happen since I lost the entire day of working on it since my laptop broke. I had to transfer everything to my other computer and get that working. Thank GOD I didn't lose anything, but the amount of anger, frustration, and annoyance that I had kind of took a toll on me as I spent hours transferring stuff over and making sure it was all working. So, I lost a day of development, so I probably can't get it out on Friday, but most likely Saturday or Sunday now.

Changes coming in the next update (V0.2)

- there is now saving progress

- ammo and acquiring guns

- 2 "levels" (really just gameplay levels) but I hope at least a version of them is in the end game

- new badass background music used with permission by Jason Creer

- some new UI stuff

- you go back to the last checkpoint and enemies reset when you die

- reworking some other stuff

- changed some enemies and guns around

- more stuff but I'll write it all in a big update post when I have more time

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