Update #6 Changes in Philosophy

I'm kinda sad to say I've given up on the idea of making  a lot of money on Go to Hell, but it also relieves me. The truth is, this is just some other game in the world of Indies where there is way too much stuff. Half is garbage, a lot is okay but not great, and some is really good. I feel like my game will probably be perceived by many to be okay but not great, but that doesn't matter in the end, because even a great game needs to get lucky to be big nowadays. The feeling of the Indie Apocalypse has hit me.

What brought this on? Graphics. I kept on thinking about how important it was for me to change the graphics and make the game look stellar. The thing is, is that I'm doing it all by myself, and I suck at art, and I hate making art. I hate implementing it all and then feeling like it was a waste of time, which, the last two days have been. I've worked almost non-stop with very little to show for it all. I've changed every art and then just reverted back to the past because it worked. I tried parallaxing and that just added more issues. The thing is, my game looks fine, definitely not great, and some may say it looks like garbage, but that's an opinion. The obvious step would be to hire an artist, which I'd love to do, but I can't be spending money on someone to do all the art, animations, and future art and animations when I need to save money for college. If my game were to make money, I'd put some back into the game, and probably would hire an artist. The odds of me making enough money to hire an artist are astronomically low, and that's what gives the real feeling of the Indie Apocalypse. I feel like there needs to be a team of people who are highly skilled, and even then, you need to be lucky to get a popular game.

So, where am I now? I'm changing philosophy. I'm going to make this a Pay What You Want game. With this, it's free, so I don't have to feel bad about someone getting mad about not getting what they feel like they should've for what they paid for. That sounds bad, but what I'm trying to say is that if the game is paid, it should be a great experience. I would never want someone to feel like they wasted their money. With a PWYW model, it's essentially free, and if people feel like they should pay, they will. I have more freedom this way, and I want that because at the end of the day, I'm a single guy working on this game, and it's my game. I've used things from other people, who obviously will get credited, but this is my game, and I can do what I want with it. My God, I've put a lot of time into this project, and it would make sense for anyone to feel like they deserve to be paid for all the work they've done, but just because you tried hard and make anything that people enjoy, doesn't mean you'll make any money. There's why I believe in the whole Indie Apocalypse now.

Since it's free, people will actually be willing to take a chance on the game too, which is nice since more people would probably actually play it.

As far as changes:

Adding an options screen and you can adjust sound. The options are only accessible from the main menu and I hope to change that eventually. Getting rid of Level 2 and planning on redoing it. I've gotten feedback from multiple people that Level 1 is too dark,  so I added light. I've kind of always thought it doesn't make sense for hell to be dark anyway. I plan on adding and changing terrain and stuff to Level 1 and probably will readjust positioning and make the levels smaller. I also kind of really don't like the Hell Clouds, so I'm getting rid of that, and may possibly change the looks and make it smaller, and then re-add it to the game.

For the next update, I'll make the game PWYW and will finally quit stalling and upload it to itch.io.

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