A downloadable game for Windows

You crashed onto a planet, and oh my God, you can't stand whatever it is that keeps making all of those noises. Get your revenge and show those things who's boss!

Created for the "So bad it's good" jam in roughly 4-5 hours, so it has to be good!

Horribly optimized with stellar graphics that are out of this world, this game has received multiple awards that I can't name. I do think I'll have to make a GOTY edition in the future.

Any perceived glitches, issues, mistakes, problems, etc. are really just features.

My high score is 140


Aliens Aren't Animal Lovers.zip 91 MB


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I mean, what can i say about it? It is really funny and i think that "So bad it's good" genre actually recycles stuff like that to be actually entertaining. I also have saw that you have only two games. So i think that you could make actual games if you did that. That is cool.